Asset Management

Elia's Asset Management offers all common services such as fund management, portfolio management, brokerage and portfolio advisory.The main focus of attention is on the identification of strategic investment opportunities and on the implementation of existing products. In fund management, Elia offers its own funds as well as the management of third-party funds including support. In doing so, Elia assists its clients in realising their concepts and ideas. In addition, Elia offers the management, brokerage and counselling as well as portfolio optimisation for its clients. Long-standing expertise in the capital market enables Elia to advise and support both private and institutional investors.

Financial Engineering

As regulation measures and market dynamics keep increasing continuously, risk management and risk identification have become one of the crucial topics throughout the entire financial sector. The interaction of financial mathematics, risk analysis, statistics and risk management has led to a modern, interdisciplinary segment, which is currently undergoing a highly dynamic development.
Growing volatilities in the international capital markets, coupled with growing planning uncertainty in companies due to the progressing globalisation, make it necessary to deal with the solution of financial issues professionally and academically.

Corporate Finance

In the business unit Corporate Finance, Elia structures and arranges corporate financing and capital market transactions for listed and private medium-sized enterprises and medium-sized corporations across industries and throughout all classes of capital. Elia supports its clients in the areas of strategic market analysis, company valuation, private equity or venture capital, and corporate funding via the capital market or financial institutions. The focus lies on financing working capital, investments and growth as well as (pre-)financing projects and purchasing goods, acquisition financing for the purchase of companies, and rescheduling existing loans. Transactions to strengthen the balance sheet (for example debt-to-equity swaps) and improve working capital with the corresponding positive effects on the company rating are another focal point.

Based on our long-standing know-how, knowledge of the industry and a global corporate finance network, we provide you with professional advice. When it comes to special topics, Elia offers its clients its international network of external consultants.

Depending on the level of a company’s capital market maturity, the types of financing comprise equity financing, equity-related forms of financing such as hybrid or mezzanine financing, as well as debt financing. The form of financing appropriate for the company is determined and realised through bank financing or instruments suitable for the capital market. Furthermore, Elia also supports its clients with its own sales activities and its own sales team. It goes without saying that any back office functions will also be covered by Elia. In addition to the instruments suitable for the capital market, Elia also structures and negotiates non-securitised forms of financing such as borrower’s note loans for its clients.

Oil Services

ELIA Arabian Dmcc, helps make trade happen.
We move physical commodities from where they are plentiful to where they are most needed - reliably, efficiently and responsibly. Whether you're a producer, an existing or potential partner in government or business, or an end-user we have the focus, commitment and global resources to get you closer to your markets.

Investing In Infrastructure

We invest in ports, terminal sand logistics to enhance our physical trading activities.
We build warehouses and storage facilities, operate truck and bargefleets, buy ships and develop mines - whatever it takes to help trade flow.

Improving Competitiveness

We develop trade route sand product categories. We improve logistics.
We introduce new counterparties and strengthen connections between suppliers and end-users. We invest in innovation to make markets more efficient.

Metals & Minerals

Elia Arabian Dmcc,invests world wide in strategically located infrastructure to streamline commodity supply chains and maket rading more efficient. If infrastructure is the real ready we invest to improve it. Where it doesn't exist we build it ourselves.

Gold & Diamond

ELIA ARABIAN DMCC, Plans to introduce the trading of other precious metals such as Silver, Platinum and Palladium, Whist fostering closer working ties with the DGCX (Dubai Gold & Commodity Exchange) thereby, helping to facilitate the development and expansion of the local and regional precious metals market. We will operate one of the World’s largest and most efficient integrated precious metals plants, valuing our clients’ reputation as if it were our own, by providing a world class customized service to all sectors of the global precious metals market. Our clients include mining companies, jewelers, industrial corporates, commercial banks and Governments. With partner mining concessions in Africa and South America, ELIA Arabian Dmcc intends to promote the highest global standards in product and service development, whilst simultaneously encouraging transparency to benefit market participants. It is expected that the company’s future market infrastructure developments will strengthen Dubai’s position as the leading regional centre for precious metals.

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