We are dedicted to provide a frofessional investment service oft he highest quality.
The mein things for us are your calmness and your confidence regarding our competence. We deliver excellent results fort he benefit of our clients.

We will offer optimal combination of profitability, liquidity and risk for each private client.
Elia Finance Group. ยป specialists can suggest investment product corresponding to your interests in the most degree. We realize that safety of means for the majority of our clients is more important than additional profit; that is why we do not promise super profits. Our attitude is a conservative and pragmatic one.

Common features of all offered investment plans:

  • Investment Term is 3-12 calendar months. Upon investment term expiration, principal and profit can be withdrawn or re-deposited.
  • Our asset management department proposes four different money investment portfolios for those who would like to have investment profit higher than that from bank deposits preserving high asset liquidity with minimum risk and protection from fluctuation of portfolio value:
  • We invest in ports, terminal sand logistics to enhance our physical trading activities.
  • We build warehouses and storage facilities, operate truck and bargefleets, buy ships and develop mines - whatever it takes to help trade flow.

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